Luton Dropwell Van 26 cu mt

Welcome to E-Drive 

The new service from T W Removals where you the customer hires a van! but unlike going to a hire company where you have to give deposits and have to hire a van for a whole day or have all those nasty hidden surprises.

With E-Drive you the customer doesn't even need a Driving Licence as you will get a qualified driver with your van hire and only pay for the time that you need the van so if you only need the van for 2 hours then there is no need to hire a van for the whole day saving you the customer money. 

With E-Drive you the customer loads the van and once the loaded the qualified driver will drive it to your destination where you will empty the van then pay the driver which saves you from having to go and drop the van back.

This Service can be used for a variety of tasks: 

  • Removals
  • Single Items
  • Rubbish Runs 
  • House clearances

In most cases more cost effective than hiring a van. You only pay for the hours you use our services other than for a full day which is the normal case when hiring a van. Totally hassle free. No collecting and returning hire vans, No form filling out and deposits to pay, No insurance excess, No risk, No need to drive or posses a driving licence.

Call Us Now on 01634 566201 or 07711138774 for more information 

This service is limited to the London and Kent area at present more areas will become available in time thanks for your patients.